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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Last night I watched Larry King Live (no judgement) and Lisa Ling and her family were on to talk about Laura Ling, Lisa's sister, and Laura's colleague Euna Lee who had been detained in North Korea for illegal entry. Their families say they had no intent of crossing the border from China into North Korea. Watching their families was heartbreaking. Both women are married and Euna has a young daughter.

While I don't know a lot about U.S./North Korea relations, or lack thereof, and I don't know a lot about journalism, I know what it is to have a sister. Someone who you love more than you love yourself, someone who's pain you physically feel. I can't/don't want to imagine what these families are going through. To think that your sister could be in that position while there is very little you could do would be unbearable. I know that I would go to the ends of the earth to save my sister from this kind of pain and she must feel so helpless. The humanity of this story is a little overwhelming.

I joined a couple of groups on Facebook and I am going to research more on petitions and letter writing to see if there is anything that I could do to help bring these women home. While I know that what I do will probably be of very little consequence this is one of those stories that tugs at the heartstrings.

If you feel moved by this then maybe you can research and find something you can do to help.

My thoughts and prayers are with Lisa Ling and these two detained women.

This is an exerpt from the letter that Laura wrote her sister Lisa-

When I first got here, I cried so much. Now, I cry less. I try very hard to think about positive things, but sometimes it is hard too. Some days I get to go outside and get some fresh air. In the early evening, I do some stretching. I also sit and meditate. I breathe deeply and think about positive things that have happened in the day. For example, I think “I’m lucky I made it through another day.” I’m lucky my family is working so hard to get me released. I’m thinking about you all constantly and how fortunate I am to have an amazing family. Stay strong and please take care of yourselves. That is my request. Know that I’m thinking of you and dreaming about being reunited with you all again.

All my love,



Beth said...

Tonight: Reporter Lisa Ling will speak at the Wokcano in Santa Monica in support of her sister Laura Ling and Euna Lee. Laura and Lee, both journalists, are currently being held by North Korean officials with no signs of an impending release. Lisa's speech will be part of a candlelight vigil on the eve before Laura and Lee's trial is set to start after nearly 3 months of encarceration. The event will be hosted by Kelly Hu and begins at 7 PM.

vickie said...

This was a VERY touching post and I did watch Lisa Ling speak on behalf of her sister and I have to say that I cried. I cannot imagine something like this and there is nothing that I would not do to help. Know that!