Suddenly I See

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Freedom

Friday evening. Two words that delight me to no end. Fridays are great in general, yes there is still work, but the anticipation of the weekend makes the day dizzy with exciting. But it's the evening, right after 5pm, that gets me going. I leave work with the feeling that the sky is the limit. Nothing can hold me back. The evenings Monday through Thursday I am restrained. Not Friday though.

All the possibilities of the weekend! All of the excitement of Friday night! The unplanned hours that you can do anything with. I love the feeling that there are so many possibilities yet I pretty much always have the possibilities outlined. Tonight I want them to include pizza, Pinkberry (oh the plain yogurt with Oreos and raspberries, oh the fact that Pinkberry is three blocks from my house). My evening must include going to the street fair. I can't resist walking around in the sun on this beautiful day. Sunny, beautiful days are the picture of freedom to me. They open my soul. I love to feel the sunshine soaking into my skin.

On Friday I love the hours between five and when I am too tired to keep my eyes open any longer. Those hours are so full of freedom.

"Stick your hand into my back pocket
Light me up like a bottle rocket
I just wanna free fall for a while"


Eliza said...

Oh, I love Fridays too. Even more now that I am a stay-at-home mom, because even though I don't really have the weekend off, I still have a buddy to spend the next 2 days with. Obviously Theo and Ida are my buddies too but I mean a buddy who can speak in complete sentences.

For the past few months, Matt has gotten home early on Fridays and we can do something fun all together before putting the kids to bed. Friday nights are the best--that feeling of freedom, plus still the whole weekend to look forward to.

Pam said...

I felt especially free this Friday - jury duty was over!