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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kris or Adam?

It really is a toss up for me. I think they are both very talented. I liked Allison the best this season, but what do I know?

I enjoyed all of the songs that were sung tonight. But if I had to pick my favorite of the two I would have to choose Adam just based on the their performances, especially comparing the way they both sang the last song.

I really do love Adam though. I like the way he looks. I mean it's not that I am attracted to him it's just that he is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Guyliner and all. I could look at him all day long. The long black coat that he wore during his first performance tonight was a nice touch.

I am a fan of Kris also. I like the way he can just sing, doesn't need to jazz it up, he just sounds good. He seems humble, a trait which Adam may be lacking. I don't know, maybe not, Adam just seems a little cocky sometimes.

I will be honest though, during the show tonight I was most captivated by Paula. Not that this isn't always the case but tonight inparticular. What the hizzle was going on with her face? I wish I had a picture for those who didn't watch. She was just orange and her face looked a little more elongated than usual. It was something else. Picture a mix between Steven Tyler and a very tan Roberto Cavalli.

My pick is Adam not only because he is talented but if I don't say him then I will never hear the end of it from my mother. She loves him.


Eliza said...

Let's be honest--no one could have made that last song sound good. I hope I'm not offending anyone. But it was so awful! THERE ARE NO BOUND'RIES!

I liked Adam much better last night than I have in the past. He seemed a lot more down-to-earth, not so cocky. I liked that. And his second song was amazing. I like both of them. I don't really care who wins because I think they'd both deserve it (although I did vote for Kris).

Katie said...

That last song was pretty cheesy. I knew Simon was going to say something to Kara. But Adam and Kris must have felt ridiculous singing it.

Pam said...

I said it when Chris Doughtry was voted off and I am saying it again, no more American Idol for me. Adam was the hands down best singer and performer. This time I really mean it - take that A.I.