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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More about my Apartment

I know everyone loves all the details and anecdotes about my apartment, right up there with pictures of my cat.

This is what my desk area looks like (the Lakers picture is not my doing)-

Things are coming together around here. My next project is the kitchen, adding some color and pictures. I think I might make some curtains for the window. After that I need to get a couch, coffee table, and television stand for the living room. Mostly I just want to add a lot of color to everything. I don't want to paint the walls, even though the blah colors bug me. Not so much in the living room because it has the chair rail and crown moulding but the bedroom color is so boring.

After I get the living room situated I will figure out something for the little dining area. It would be nice to get a small table with chairs.

And as a side note, did you know that you can buy scented trash bags? Is that not the coolest? I got a small trash can for the kitchen and some vanilla scented trash bags to go along with it.

So things are progressing along here. Still trying to get more ideas on colorful, cheap, cute decorating.


hanner said...

We've been in our apartment for almost 9 months and I haven't decorated half as much as you have... I have apartment envy.

vickie said...

This looks great! I have faith that you will have it sparkling in no time!

Beth said...

It is looking really good Katie :)