Suddenly I See

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Home Library

I have been perusing interior design blogs and websites and ran across this idea.

The idea is from the website Apartment Therapy-

This is my absolute dream- to have a huge shelf covering a large wall in my home. This shelf would be loaded with books, most of which I probably haven't read. I will just sit on my couch (hopefully I will have one by then) and just stare at all of the books. And when I buy books I won't have to worry about having a place to put them.

I love the ladder, it adds a nice touch. And don't you just love how all of the different colors of the books look together?

My apartment and my wallet can't handle this shelving now but a girl can dream.

Now back to scouring the web for more design ideas that will actually work in my apartment. Anybody know any good websites?


vickie said...

I really do not want to think about how much work would be involved in cleaning that up... Or moving it for that matter.

Alexandra said...

I actually had something a little less intense but the same idea in my room last year and loved it. It was just 2 of the big white pressed-wood bookcases from IKEA put maybe 3 feet apart, and then because I didn't have a closet I put a rod across them and hung my clothes there. I really liked the aesthetic. Obviously you have a closet so wouldn't need that part, but I'm sure you could think of something else to put between them, or just put them right next to each other. And they're not super expensive.