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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Apt Report- Night 1/Day 1/Night 2/Day 2

Friday night was the first night I stayed at my new apt. We bought a desk and Rodger put that together. We had Wendy's and the night had a nice slumber party feel. Everything was going smooth until I got out of the shower and my landlady called and asked if I had a leak in the bathroom. I told her no, but I had taken a shower. She said that the lady below me had a huge leak in the ceiling. Making friends already. Turns out my toilet might be leaking or something.

Saturday the fridge was delivered- it's a beast. The cable and Internet were hooked up. I have DVR- I may never feel the sun on my face again (Just kidding), but I hear I am really going to enjoy it. Rodger and I unpacked some more, my parents helped us move our dresser, then dinner, more unpacking, and the grocery store. Sushi also made the move and she did pretty well- just got nauseous in the night and threw up.

Today, Vickie helped me move my clothes over and pretty much organized my apt and my life and for that I am indebted forever. She has such a nice touch and I am such a haphazard mover. So the place certainly shaped up with her there. We had lunch with Beth at Bella Sera, I again ate my weight in Mozzarella. I have never met a cheese I don't like. Beth and Vickie put together my kitchen rack. I was pretty useless. I just interjected with witty comments and watched the "Keeping up with the Kardashians" marathon. The apt needed Vickie's touch. Sisters rock. Cousins Rock.

So that's the report. Things are now alive and kicking and the place is livable,actually it's down right cozy.


Jenn said...

When's the housewarming party? Also, do you know how much the three bdrm units are going for?

Katie said...

I don't know if there are 3 bedroom units. I know there are 2 bedrooms and they are like 1200, I think. I will ask though.

Not sure when the housewarming will be, soon I hope but you are, of course, welcome any time.

Eliza said...

pictures please!!