Suddenly I See

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Before Vickie

After Vickie

A big thank you to Rhona and Chris for letting me have their old bed. It's my first big girl bed (one that is bigger than a twin). I just need to get a bed skirt.

I will post more pictures later. The bedroom is the most put together. Everything else looks good but isn't finished. For the living room you can just picture a blanket on the floor, two camping chairs, and my tv on a plastic storage tub. There is a new computer desk and my bookshelf but I need to get a couch, a coffee table, and a tv stand. I am thinking I will do that next month.

I will also have to post a picture of the kitchen and the fridge. Last night was the first time I made dinner at the apt and Rodger and I ate picnic style on the blanket in the living room.


Eliza said...

lol at the big girl bed.

it looks great!

vickie said...

Oh in case anyone is in need of my services please have Katie forward on my info... I work miracles!

PS - there will be another post like this in 3 months I guarantee... that kt is no cleaner, but we love her all the same!