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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I turned 27 last month!

I have been meaning to do a Birthday post for awhile. I wanted to recap how special I felt. Everyone made me feel so loved.

So here is the run-down-

-Saturday Vickie, my mom, and I went to get manicures and pedicures, and had lunch and did some shopping at Paseo.
-Saturday night Rodger took me to the Macaroni Grill (we are also going to Disneyland for both of our birthdays, sometime this month)

-Sunday Rhona, Jenn, Janelle, and Ryan treated me to lunch and desert at Marias. Great friends, conversation, and food.
-Sunday night I went to my aunts house and celebrated mine and my uncle's birthday with some dinner and cake. Also watched the Oscars. (Have I mentioned how funny my aunt Peggy and cousin Matt are).
-Monday morning I woke to a text from Vickie, and good wishes from my Mom and Dad. Rodger called me, Eliza wrote a very sweet post and her mom left a very nice comment. Lots of calls and texts from family and friends, and cards from my grandparents.
-I did have to go to work on my birthday, but I am lucky to work with people I consider friends. They decorated my office, bought lunch, and a cake.

-Had dinner that night at my favorite Mexican restaurant, La Adelita. They gave us free appetizers and flan.

-My mom made angel food cake with strawberries and my parents gave me a new camera, earrings, and snuggy.

-Tuesday night my cousin Matt had me over for dinner and cake.
-Saturday was my Dad's birthday and Vickie and Paul came over and we all went out to dinner for both of our birthdays. Vickie and Paul gave me two baskets of goodies for my new apartment.

Thank you to everyone for making my birthday so special. I am a lucky girl!

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