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Thursday, February 5, 2009

He provides the LOLs!

(Sorry for the title, Vickie, I know how you hate when people use LOL).

Rodger had me cracking up on the phone last night.

The conversation went a little something like this-

Me: did you set up your new DVD shelf?
R: yes, superheros on the second row.
Me: (laughing)oh yeah?
R: yeah, and family movies on the top row.
Me: what are your family movies?
R: you know, like "Superbad".
Me: laughing, I don't think that's a family movie.
R: well family movies and comedies.

Sometimes, I think our whole relationship is just making each other laugh. And I'm okay with that because laughing is my favorite.

Although, I don't think it made him laugh when I accidentally drove on the wrong side of the road last night. Oops!

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vickie said...

You may want to the world a favor and stop driving... It would be cheaper to take the bus and safer!