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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hot Button Issues

Almost as controversial as my new bangs is Jessica Simpson's "weight gain".

I watched Access Hollywood the other night (my first mistake) and I swear they talked about it no less than 15 times. They asked people's opinions, showed the unflattering picture of her, and then some other pictures of her.

Am I missing something here? Is this a big deal? Okay bad outfit choice and maybe she gained ten pounds, but let's face it who hasn't especially at the holidays?

So what if she weighs 200 lbs, who cares? If it was a man that gained weight no one would even mention it. People should be judged on their character and if they are celebrities they should be judged on their talent.

What bothers me about these media outlets is that they are the ones that create a stir about this and then they turn around and make it sound like they have nothing to do with it. After all the talk on Access Hollywood they went on to say that women in Hollywood are too skinny. Well do we have to ask why? It's either that or be blasted for weeks on end for being fat or as Access Hollywood called it "having a fuller figure". Then this woman on the show does a whole segment on the way Jessica should have worn her "mom jeans" and starts it off by saying "Jessica looks fantastic by the way". Yeah right, they don't believe that or they wouldn't be talking about it. They want to show that she has gained weight or they wouldn't show the same pictures of her dancing over and over again.

What is wrong in our society that this is such a focus? I am not a big Jessica Simpson fan but leave the girl alone. Now she is on the cover of 3 magazines this week all claiming that she is happy with her weight when she hasn't even said a word about it. How would all of these people feel if it was their wife, sister, mother, daughter, or friend being talked about like this? And then the hypocrisy of these magazines to turn around and say women should have a healthy body image. They do nothing to promote that but they can say that's their message? It reminds me of MTV having shows with gay people and getting others to be more tolerant and then turning around and playing Eminem videos full of hate against gay people. It really is unbelievable. Why do we, as women, put up with this? Why has the media gotten so out of hand with celebrities and weight and then claim that to be news? That's not news, that's just mean and out to hurt people.

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Eliza said...

you are so right katie!

so what should we do about it? i'm up for anything. :)

seriously, access hollywood. what a joke.