Suddenly I See

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Price of "Love"

Ticket to see "Love"- $120
Hotel room at Cesar's Palace- $32 (a person, if it was $32 total I would live there)
Upgrade to a better hotel room- $40
Slice of pizza and a soda- $9
Pants at the Gap for the show- $60 (the skirt I packed wasn't conducive to the weather)
Dinner at Cheesecake Factory- $20
Peach Bellini from "Fat Tuesdays"- $8
Love program and souvenir for Rodger- $21
Shopping at the outlets- $60
Spending a GREAT weekend laughing with people I love with all my heart- Priceless (bet you didn't see that coming)

Pictures and more about the weekend I spent with my Mom, Vickie, Peggy, and Matt to follow.


hanner said...

I pretty much love that show. I haven't seen it in 2.5 years so I should probably tell Robbie that it's worth the money, or I'll go by myself.

Pam said...

So much fun. I would see the show again anytime.