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Monday, August 1, 2016

Seattle Trip- Days One and Two

The second week of June we went to Seattle for four days. It was Ellie's first plane trip. She did a great job and charmed everyone around her.

We left out of Long Beach on Wednesday morning and flew into the Seattle airport.
There were a few snafus with the carseat. Next time we will just bring ours instead of renting one.

We got to our Airbnb in the afternoon. We stayed in the Belltown area which was very close to the Space Needle. We were overzealous when we arrived and decided to walk to Lake Union. Mostly because we didn't realize how far it was and also because parking was not the easiest there and I was also concerned about the car seat.

When we got to Lake Union and had an early dinner at Duke's Chowder House.
Maybe because I was so hungry but the meal was amazing! I had stuffed salmon and veggies and clam chowder as well as "local soda".

Later in the evening we walked to Elliot Bay and walked along the sculpture garden. I can't say enough how beautiful Seattle is! Being by the water was amazing and I could have stared out into the water for hours. We also loved how many dogs there were going on walks.

It was a great first night there. We loved how light it stayed. It didn't get dark until close to 9pm.

The next morning, Thursday, we walked to Pike's Market. I had been there once before in 2005 but only for about an hour. It was great to get to explore and I was blown away by how beautiful the flowers there are! We got some fresh peaches and cherries.
And we got to see the gum wall, which I was really looking forward to checking out. It did not disappoint.

In the afternoon we went over to City Center and walked around the Space Needle and visited the Chulily Glass Museum.

We loved walking around Seattle Center. It had great parks and we stopped by a market close by and got some great cheeses.

Thursday night we ate in Downtown Seattle and then went to a Mariners game. It was Ellie's first baseball game. A lot of fun and they even gave her a certificate for it being her first time there. It's a very nice stadium!

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