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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

June 2016- Ten Months


June 3rd, 2016 our Ellie turned 10 months old!
She is growing and growing and those legs of hers keep getting longer.
In early June her second of her top two teeth broke through and she both of them are still growing. She has some cute chompers!

The second week of Seattle Ellie had her first plane trip and big vacation. Rodger, Ellie, and I went up to Seattle (I will post all the pictures in another post).  We had such a great time and made so many wonderful memories of Ellie's first trip.
While up there Ellie also went to her first baseball game.

And while in Seattle Ellie started saying "DaDa" which was pretty great since Rodger carried her everywhere in Seattle and it was just a week ahead of Father's Day.

Ellie went to a birthday party for her friend and neighbor, Loxley. Loxley is a little less than two months older than Ellie. She is Ellie's first friend and Loxley's mom is a good friend of mine so it is a lot of fun to celebrate our babies growing up together.

Ellie's love of tv remotes and cell phones continues to grow. She just loves holding them.

Her favorite book continues to be "Do Cows Meow?" She loves it so much that sometimes she can't help but rip the pages apart. She loves to pick out a book and put it in front of her.

She is such a good girl and we love her so much!




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