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Monday, October 19, 2015

Getting to Know You- Our hospital stay

I had Ellie on a Monday night and we didn't go home until Friday morning. Seems like a long time but it really wasn't bad. Had a beautiful view, amazing nurses, lots of visitors, and it gave us a lot of time to get familiar with Ellie and learn from the nurses about how to take care of her basic needs. They really provided us a great starter tutorial so we felt pretty prepared when we got home.

I barely left my bed. I was in a lot of pain but eventually started getting up for the bathroom and to take small walks with Rodger around the floor. I eventually took a shower and even changed Ellie's diaper. Rodger pretty much took care of her the whole time we were there.

The food was okay. They did provide us with a celebration dinner of steak which was actually pretty good. And they called me for every meal to get my order. I most looked forward to the two bowls of Frosted Flakes I requested every morning. They did cut me off on the last morning there citing nutritional reasons. Whatever, after we got home I got myself a huge box.

I was surprised after the c-section how many muscles are in your abdomen. It hurt so bad to cough or laugh. We watched the first Republican convention and I couldn't stop laughing so that wasn't so great. 

The days in the hospital with our little Ellie were really special. I was even a little nostalgic for it when we got home. But it passed quickly. I just love cuddling with our baby wherever I am. She is the best.

With Dr Chou

Our favorite nurse, Kevereen

Finally heading home

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Eliza said...

did they seriously cut you off from the frosted flakes? that is hysterical!