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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I should have blogged about being pregnant months and months ago. But I didn't. Too tired, too sick, blah blah blah.

Here are my pregnancy pictures.

There are a million things I could say about being pregnant but none of them seem to matter too much now that our beautiful daughter is here. But for memory's sake here is a brief run down of my pregnancy.

- We found out we were pregnant the Friday before Thanksgiving. I was sure I was going to start my period but I took a test anyway. It was a test that would show two lines if positive. One line was very dark and then the other line was a very, very light pink, like you almost couldn't see it. But I thought maybe. It was the first time anything like that had shown up. Rodger was still at work so I went to buy another pregnancy test. This test came up with a very clear YES. We were so excited! Cautious but excited. It was very early.

-Up until week six I didn't have a lot of pregnany symptoms just really tired at night.

-Week six came and I was so nauseuas. It hit like a ton of bricks. A few days later I couldn't even leave the house and could barely get out of bed. I think I was barely seven weeks when I went to the ER. They hydrated me and made me feel somewhat better. We also goto to see the baby for the first time. The doctor put me on bed rest because he thought there may be some bleeding. The following Monday Rodger and I went to the doctor. She put me on another week of bedrest. We got to see the baby again and here the heartbeat. She said there wasn't any bleeding and everything looked fine except that I lost a lot of weight. She told us her due date was August 3rd.

-I continued to be sick through and past Christmas. Just throwing up a lot and nauseaus pretty much all day.
When I was 11 weeks I went back to the ER because I was so sick again. I had a bladder infection and the antibiotics had made my stomach feel even worse. They hydrated me and sent me home.\

-By twelve weeks I felt slightly better. By sixteen weeks a lot better and by eighteen weeks I felt pretty mucvh like myself again.

-Things moved along pretty well till the first weekend of April (Easter). I was vomiting again and really sick. I started to get a terrible pain in my right side and I had another bladder infection. Monday morning it was so bad that the doctor told me to go to the hospital. They admitted me into labor and delivery and ran some tests but couldn't figure out the problem but got to see the baby again. By late evening I felt better so they sent me home. The pain came back all night so we went back to the hospital again in the morning. They admitted me again and I stayed the night. They never figured out what was wrong. I think it may have been a bad flu and my body just wouldn't function properly. I felt better when I went home and only had slight pain for a few days.

-May, June, and July passed with me just getting bigger. By July I had started to feel nauseus again any time my stomach wasn't full but it wasn't too bad.

-By the second week of July I decided I couldn't go to work anymore. It was too much and I was so tired. I made Tuesday my last working day. I filled up my days watching tv, swimming in my blow-up pool and other people's pools, going to the doctor, and hanging out with Kona. And of course getting ready for the much anticipated arrival of our daughter.

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