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Thursday, April 17, 2014

And don't underestimate the importance of body language!

This is my declaration that I am going to start blogging more. It is something that I do really enjoy and I really do like keeping a record of things even if I rarely go back and read it. Don't even ask me about my several failed attempts at trying to make my blog into a book using Blurb. It just would never download. So frustrating- I get so upset when I can't figure things out with technology.

But I do want to blog more even if it is just about the mundane parts of life. I find writing to be a great outlet and it makes me feel good to get my thoughts out.

Right now is a great time for me to write my thoughts as I have had laryngitis for the last two days. For someone who loves to talk as much as I do this has been a challenge. I think I am on the mend but having phone conversations has been a real challenge and it's hard for me to get Kona to stop doing things when she can't even hear me.

It has been fun though to think of myself as Ariel- you know my favorite Disney princess. I really thing when my voice comes back I will swim up a rock and let my beautiful singing voice out.

Most days its hard for me to keep up with my house so when I am sick it is even worse. These wood floors get so dusty and when I am well I really love to sweep them. And I would like to blame the disorganization on Rodger but generally it is all my stuff that is splayed about. It will be my life's challenge to clean up after myself.

Well I finally washed my hair for the first time in like four days so it's time to go brush out the mane with my dinglehopper.

For every one's visual pleasure.

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