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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New York New York: Day Three

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Saturday was a very full New York day. We started off with brunch at ABC Kitchen. We had some great food- we really tried a lot of good stuff on this trip and enjoyed it all! We then trekked down to Grand Central Station. I enjoyed seeing that- it's nice to have a better frame of reference for when I say "it's like Grand Central Station" in here. There was also a huge Apple store there that we looked through. We took a taxi from there to the Plaza hotel. We just had to see it after all of the times that we watched Home Alone 2. Sucky part was that they were painting or updating the hotel so they had a replica cloth over the front of it. We did enjoy looking inside it though.

We went to Central Park after this- we entered by the Plaza Hotel so we were able to see all of the horse drawn carriages. Central Park was one of the places that I was most looking forward to seeing in New York and it did not disappoint. I felt so fortunate to be able to see it on a perfect Fall day. The colors were just out of this world. I enjoyed every second of walking through the park and as much as we saw of it I think we only covered may 25% of it. We also happened to be there on a Jazz in the Park Saturday which was lovely. At the end of our walk we ended up at "Strawberry Fields" where they have a John Lennon memorial, it is across the street from the apartment he lived in. Yoko Ono still lives there. 

We then ventured over to Levaine Bakery where they had the world's best cookies. We sat and had amazing cookies and a cup of milk. These cookies were worth the twenty minute wait and maybe even worth just flying to New York for. They were that good.

Our walking tour continued to Lincoln Center which was beautiful. We also saw the CNN building in this area as well as other cool looking buildings. We were able to make it back to Rockefeller Center, which I was really excited about because the tree had been put up the day before. It was completely surrounded by scaffolding but it was still exciting to see. They had also replaced all of the state flags with American flags for Veteran's Day. 

We went to a bar and then had dinner at STK. Matt and David's friend Steve joined us. After this we went to a karaoke bar.

It was a late night but another great day in New York!

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