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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cambria Pines Getaway Part Two

On Monday of our little trip to Cambria we started off with the great breakfast the lodge makes. Their apple cinnamon muffins are not to be missed. After breakfast we went up to Morro Bay to spend the morning. 
 We had been wanting to go kayaking with Kona but they thought that she was too heavy for for the kayak so they let us rent a canoe. It was a beautiful day and very pleasant to be out on the may. We (Rodger) rowed us around the bay and out to the sandbar. The sandbar proved to be quite humorous mostly because I lost my sandal when trying to get out of the canoe and it got stuck in the sand somewhere and then it took us about eight attempts to get off of the sandbar because the wind would keep pushing us back there. Don't worry though there was a silver lining to my losing my sandal- a store in town was selling a pair of rainbow sandals for about $15 less than they are sold everywhere else).

 After canoeing we walked around the town of Morro Bay.  I have so many wonderful memories of the place. We used to always go there when I was young and going back always is a treat.

Here is Kona and I in front of my all time favorite souvenir shop, which is quite the prize to claim as I used to be a souvenir shop connoisseur.

We went back to Cambria and went on another walk in town. We saw more of the scarecrows and the cute little stores. Later we had another great dinner and enjoyed another relaxing night.

The next day we packed up, stopped at a beach by Morro Bay, and then head home.

It was a nice little trip away.

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