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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"My, oh my what a wonderful day!"

Our passes to Disneyland and Disney California Adventures expired last month. It was kinda sad, in a rich people problem kind of way (not that were rich or we wouldn’t have let them expire in the first place). We had the passes for two years and have just enjoyed going so much! Sometimes it was just Rodger and I and sometimes we would meet up with friends. One time my Mom and I went together on a Fall day back in 2011. Rodger and I loved to go at night and have dinner and ice cream, walk around, go on rides, look in the stores, and watch the shows. They were special dates that we went on. That’s what I will miss most about our passes- just enjoying the parks together and enjoying the special time together. We will have to come up with something else to do. Some highlights from our Disneyland visits over the past two years -Going at the holidays, especially Christmas. They decorate the park and it is truly magical. They have a great Christmas fireworks show and then it snows afterward with music. Disney really knows how to do Christmas. -My trip with my Mom and walking around the park together. We went in Fall so all of the nice Fall decorations were up and it was very festive. -Going to CarsLand when it first opened. -I always love walking down Main Street and the main street of DCA. -Getting ice cream at Clara Belle’s at DCA. -Watching the World of Color show that DCA had for the pass holders. Everyone’s hats lit up to coordinated with the show. -Watching an Elvis impersonator perform at night- we saw him several times. He is very good! -Our friends Angela and Ryan, who also have passes, were able to get us all VIP seats at Fantasmic show. So we had chairs, drinks, and snacks. It was such a fun experience. -Staying at the Disneyland Hotel after our wedding and eating at Napa Rose. -Celebrating Rodger’s 28th birthday at the Blue Bayou. -Celebrating our 1st Anniversary with dinner at Carthay Circle. Food and atmosphere is amazing. I am sure there are many others that I am not thinking of at the moment but needless to say we just had a wonderful experience as Disney pass holders. Hopefully one day we can do it again.
Here are some pictures of our last trip before the passes expired.

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