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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Annual Family Palm Springs Trip- 2013

The weekend of June 14th my Mom, aunt and uncle, the Madores, Rodger, and I AND my Grandpa all went to Palm Springs. This was also the first year that Olivia went (she was too small last year).

On the way we stopped at Hadleys and there were water dropping helicopters fighting a fire in the hills close by. We watched them do a few water drops. It was interesting to watch them suck up the water. And I got a good laugh at all of the kids taking pictures with their iPads. 

It was nice to go earlier in the summer like we have before rather than in August like we did last year. In June it isn't quite so hot yet. We stayed at the Hilton Palm Springs like always. They have redone the pool area and we also stayed in the renovated part of the hotel.
 Rodger and I had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.

I always look forward to going to Palm Springs and this year's trip didn't disappoint. We swam, sunned, ate, napped, relaxed, and chatted the days and evenings away.


It seems everyone had a super SWEET time!

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