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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A nice weekend

It was a nice weekend here on the home front.

My Mom and I had a garage sale Saturday. It would have been nicer if I had actually made more money. I had sold our bbq but then the stupid kid came back and asked for his money back because he didn't need the bbq anymore. That was pretty lame. I should have just kept the money but oh well. My Mom made some money and we had a nice time. Got a little sunburned but that has already turned into a tan. And Vickie and Olivia came by. Vickie sold her one item in five minutes and pretty much made the same amount of money that I made all day. It took us awhile to clean up. It was a lot of work but it's always nice to get up early and sell crap on your front lawn. Kidding. We did have fun and I know what I would change for the next time we have one. Including making sure that someone around the corner isn't having a garage sale and stealing all of our traffic.

Later that night Rodger and I sat outside in the backyard and enjoyed the SuperMoon. We really love our back yard. We enjoy chasing Kona and watching her race around the yard and in and out of her wading pool. 

Today we spent the morning lounging around. I love those kind of mornings. Sometimes it can feel like wasting the morning but then I think about how when I am at work I wish I could be home lounging around and then it doesn't seem like such a waste. I love a good morning nap.

In the afternoon we finally made it over to see the new Madore house. It is beautiful. We are so, so happy for them. They have the best laundry room among other nice features in the house. I am so glad they get to live there. 

Of course going there meant getting to see OLIVIA, the highlight of any day. 

Now it's bedtime. Another great part of the weekend!

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