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Saturday, March 23, 2013


My mind has been jumbled with so many thoughts this past week about the Steubenville rape trial. Well really I have thought a lot about it since I first heard about it. The word that comes to mind is sickening. And sad.

I think maybe sad is the best word to describe it. Sad more than anything for this young woman who's life is forever changed. And that may sound like a cliche thing to say but truly her life is forever changed even if it is in the smallest way that most people may never think of, her life is changed because of someone else's choices. And it's sad for us as a society. Sad that there are towns (small and large) that would pick football over a human being. (This town and Penn State). Do you know how truly disgusting that is? Sad that so many people would rather blame the victim than look at the real issues.

It's mind boggling that so many adults could look at this situation and see no wrong. Or would blame the victim and social media. Social media is not a bad thing, it's a bad thing when children are allowed to use it for negative purposes. These adults would rather blame Twitter than look at their parenting. I saw that the father of one of the boys who was convicted came forward and apologized to the court and said that he blamed himself because he wasn't there for his son. That was the first piece of good sense I heard out of any of these people. It is his fault. Not as much as his sons but the parents do carry some blame. You have a responsibility to raise your children with a certain set of values. Hell not even values just common sense and courtesy for your fellow man.

To me it comes down to respect. What is happening that these young people have no respect for themselves or for other people? How could two boys do this to a fellow classmate and think it is okay? How could other people, even friends, see this and think it is okay? Not one person came to this girl's aid? These boys were obviously taught that they were untouchable, that they could have anything they wanted whenever they wanted. Maybe it shouldn't be a shock to me that they feel that way when even CNN (the WOMEN reporters) showed more sympathy for the criminals than the victim.

Can this all be blamed on this being a small football town? Or is this happening everywhere? What are the adults in these children's life's teaching them? It's just so upsetting. But the majority of the people in this case will move on. The boys lives are changed and this young woman, who should be applauded for her bravery not receiving death threats, will never be the same. And for what? Nothing. It's all such a tremendous waste.

Maybe it has been on my mind so much because more than anything it is just another reminder that women are still devalued and objectified by society. I read a great blog post about this trial, it is so worth reading- link here

I have long considered myself a feminist but there are so many great thoughts in this article that just made so much sense to me but also made me question some things. Are we doing enough for our children to show that people need to be respected? As women we need to be teaching other women that we have value as a person. Period. And we need to be protecting each other.

Children are inundated 24/7 with images and messages that tell them otherwise that something has to be taught to them on a personal level. But I truly think it comes down to respect. And they need to learn that from their parents.

Like I said I have so many thoughts on this subject, so many, and a lot of this probably didn't make perfect sense. I wasn't even going to blog about it because it just makes me so enraged. But maybe that's what needs to happen. Women need to be passionate about these things, we need to be brave enough to stand up for each other. And we need to teach our daughters the same thing. 

 This is also a good article.

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Pam said...

You are so right Katie. We need to teach our daughters to have self-respect and to take better care of themselves. We also need to teach them to look out for each other and support each other. It amazes me that not one other girl came to her aid. Remember the poor girl we saw at the Tim McGraw concert passed out on the stairs. She obviously came to the concert with someone, but where were they to make sure she was okay. It is a sad statement that football came before someone else's rights. People spout that being raised in a small town is a good thing, but maybe when a sport becomes so important (perhaps because it is the only thing in this small town) it is better to live somewhere bigger where there is room for everyone's personal rights. Great post and really made me think. And that female reporter at CNN should be ashamed of herself.