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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Small Victories

I went on a bike ride last Saturday. We rode fifteen miles. I was pretty proud of myself as I haven't done much in the ay if excersize lately. There is a hill you can ride down from the main trail. I hadn't ridden it before but I finally gave it a try on Saturday. It went about as expected. Scary on the way down and painful on the way up. There are two different hills. After the first hill I felt like throwing up but I made it up both hills. Only walked a foot at the end.

It felt good. But it felt even better when I got to the top and people were congratulating me. One guy said " you did something awesome today!". That made me feel really good!

Plus it was a beautiful day even if It was freezing. It is actually nice to get out and excersize once in awhile. Who knew?!

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