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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tweet and Retweet went out on a boat

I enjoyed the Presidential debate too much tonight. I get such enjoyment out of it.I guess it's a good thing. That is to care about politics and the state of the nation and be passionate about the topics and issues. The problem may line in that I also care about what other people think too, especially on Twitter. I am watching the debate and checking my feed, and tweeting and retweeting.

It makes the debate a little more light hearted and the fact that I can express myself makes me feel less irate and a less need to lash out.

I can't really summarize all of the tweets and retweets from tonight so here they are. Just because I had such a good time with them all and maybe some of my readers don't have Twitter (Mom).

Let me preface this by saying that I know I am biased and probably everyone who tweets only says things that go in their candidate's favor. But some of them are just plain funny no matter what side you are on.

For those unfamiliar with Twitter they are in reverse order.
Thank God Obama finally said something about the 47% topic. I was going to have to fly to Florida with a banner or something.
Summary of Debate: "Don't call it a comeback. I been here for years." - Barack Obama
Summary of Debate: "I can create jobs if you make me the head of government, which cannot make jobs." - Mitt Romney
I loved that debate. I felt like a Jersey hswve repeatedly jumping off the couch.

4 years is NOT enough time to change the world . Hell , 4 years of highschool & half ya'll still don't know the diff between your & you're
"We have TV, you know" - China
47 fist pumps for finally saying it Mr President.
Romney really hates China. He must never have tried an egg tart?
Candidate says that people should get married before they have kids. Isn't that contradictory?
The thing I will never understand about republicans is that they are for government staying out of our lives but then their presidential cont....

Romney: "Guns don't kill people, slutty moms do."
This isn't so bad for Romney. He can easily win this without single moms, immigrants, the middle class or all women.
Mitt Romney got his second amendment and abstinence scripts mixed up.
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I'm pretty sure the shooter in Aurora was from a middle class family & a college graduate.Not everything is solved by more nuclear families.

I think things have gone south in the last ten mins for Romney. How'd we get from gun control to two parent families?
Mike Drucker@MikeDrucker
Romney's foreign police is just listing Middle Eastern countries in a worried voice.
"Thank you Kerry for your question. I had a horse named Kerry. Fine horse. Had to shoot her...(sigh). To answer your question..." - Romney
Here's a thought - KILL THE MIC OF WHOEVER IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SPEAKING. (I only tweet in all caps when thoroughly annoyed).
This would be Obama's "oh shit" moment.
I think the secret service is getting nervous with the circling.
Did the president just say gang bangers?
"Let me step back, ignore your question, and try and get out of answering this question about illegal aliens." - Romney
But if only his dad had been Mexican! Obama please say it ! Please! I will give you pizza for a year. 
I kind of felt bad for romney on the bush questions. There was no way for him to win with any answer.
LOVE that Obama is saying it's not just a women's issue. That's how a man stands up for women. Not by putting them in a binder.
Do we know the five points of the plan?
"Get us a shit-load of binders and wake up the film crew!" Everyone at , & right now.
Why does romney assume every woman is a mother and that they need to be home to cook dinner? Women can work full time and men can cook.
Maybe I am biased and naive but I never love Obama more than when be talks about social issues and women.
What about an old fashioned dance off? A la britney vs Justin.
Did the president just sketchy?
Romney should probably stay away from percentages.
Obama is like shaking holding back from talking. Romney should try that. Maybe I should too. 
"Ull get your chance"Romney was out of line.U can't talk to pres like that. Of course someone threw a shoe @ George w so what do I know
All this up and down I think they might take eachother out. Candy where are u?

2 minutes and counting until a "Nervous Jeremy" twitter account pops up.
All this up and down from the stools is giving me motion sickness.
Not the most diverse group of people.
Honestly, I don't think either of these guys could get Jeremy a job after college. I can spot a loser a mile away # debate
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I am already doing deep breathing in preparation to not lose my mind when the abortion or gay marriage question comes up.
I think we all know that the country needs jobs. How?? Is the question. Do either of these guys understand what a straight answer is. 

I think I will be sad when the election is over. It feels good to feel passionate about the issues. Kind of like being back in college. Only now I pay a lot more taxes. But if I learned anything tonight it's that the middle class will be taken care of. And to hell with China. And if only parents would think marriage was a good idea before having a baby then less people would be shot. That was pretty great watching a conservative spin a gun issue into a personal life choice which conservatives always say the government should never be a part of. Okay, I am done. Maybe it's a good thing Twitter has a 140 character limit.

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Jenn said...

Am I the only one who laughed harder at Katie's tweets then at the professional comedians? You missed your calling Katie!