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Monday, September 10, 2012

Hawaiian Honeymoon Days Nine and Ten (Maui)

Yesterday we spent much of the day at Napili Beach. We went snorkeling and tubing, but mostly tubing because there weren't whole ton of fish there. However, we did get to see a turtle. I thought it was a baby turtle but Rodger said it was just small. It was about two feet long. They are so cute. They swim along and occasionally poke their heads up out of the water. We got to see this one eat a lot of plants off the rocks under water. The tubing was fun as usual. At this beach the waves would wash you up onto the sand which was especially fun. It was a great way to spend the day. We got a little sunburned but nothing too bad.

Yesterday evening we went to "The Old Lahaina Luau". It was raining when we got there and it continued to rain for quite some time, which is unusual from our other experiences here. Usually it just rains for about five minutes and then the sky clears up. But this trip has been especially rainy. Despite the rain which eventually did stop, the luau was great! It was write on the water so we got to watch the sunset. The food was amazing, lots of pork and the show was great also. They had amazing dancers. If only I could move my hips like that. We really enjoyed talking to the other people at our table. There was a couple from Texas, one from New York, and another one from Alberta, Canada (the husband even said "oot and aboot" which made our night). I would highly recommend this luau for any visitor to Maui. It was very entertaining.


Today we went to Black Rock by the Sheraton which is a few miles up from our hotel. We did some snorkeling and saw "Volkswagen" the sea turtle who lives there. We have seen him each time that we went to Maui. He is a really big guy. He is about five feet long. Today while we were out on the water he just appeared by us and we followed him around for awhile. Black Rock was really crowded today, maybe because it's the weekend. But we stayed for a couple of hours. We always enjoy visiting that beach.

This afternoon we went back to Kapalua Beach, where we snorkeled on Wednesday. We did more snorkeling and tubing and watched the sunset. There were also three different wedding parties there. There were two weddings and one wedding party just taking pictures. The bride was so brave to drag her dress through the sand and water but I bet the pictures they got will turn out really great.

For our last night of the trip we went back down to Front St and ate at "Cheeseburger Paradise", which I love. We also walked around Front St. 

Kapalua Beach
The wedding party taking pictures
Tomorrow we fly home. It's been fun Maui! Until we meet again!

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