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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Leading up to the big event

The morning of the wedding found us at Dominique's salon. She was kind enough to let us get ready there not to mention do all of our hair. What a morning/early afternoon it was. There was a lot of hustle and bustle and talk and laughter and even some dancing (Jenn). I can never say enough how wonderful it was to have all of my favorite ladies together.

I wasn't really nervous the morning of the wedding. I was mostly excited but a little stressed about everything coming together and being set-up. We went over to the wedding site for a bit to make sure everything was going smoothly but I couldn't stay too long because I had to get my make-up done. Vickie, my Mom, and Marina were so great and stayed behind to make sure everything was all set-up. They did a great job!

Getting into the dress was so fun. And I was excited for my friends to see it. I just loved my dress and I loved the way it looked on. After my initial doubts Davids Bridal really did a great job altering it. It really felt great to be in the dress. It was everything I had always dreamed about and more. I have been drawing little doodles of my dress since I was a little girl and my actual dress lived up to all of those dreams.The beautiful hair piece that Dominique made for me.

Doesn't my Mom look so cute? I love this picture of her!

When we were all dressed we headed over to the Historical Museum to take pictures and wait for the ceremony to start. As much time as I thought that we would have we ended up not having that much but there was enough to squeeze in pictures before Rodger got there and before the guests arrived.

Such good sports and my favorite picture of Paul ever.Rodger's sister, Amy and his mom.
Once we had taken pictures the girls, my Mom, and I all sat in the "staging" room to wait for the ceremony. Vickie ran around getting things ready and passing out corsages and boutonnieres (she was such a trooper being pregnant and all). My Mom and I had a nice talk, my aunt Peggy came in and said a prayer with me, my aunt Cindy came in to see us, and we were all just generally excited. Pretty soon Marina and the D.J. came to get us for the walk down the aisle.

*I am getting my disc of the professional pictures tomorrow so I will be posting those also. All of these pictures were from guest's cameras and from Kaelene's blog.

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