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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

These Great Women

There are these great women in my life.

They have taught me to love and to be loved. They have taught me friendship and sisterhood. They have rallied around me at the low points and celebrated with me at the high points.

They make me know that I am so lucky and so blessed. They are there for me no matter what. If we talk every day or haven't talked in a month. When the cards are down it's these women I need and want.

And when the cards were down it was my great friends who said instantly "What can I do?". They listened to me sob, prayed for my family, and let us fly across the country to stay with them when we needed a pick me up. It's these great friends who know me inside and out and take care of me, who laugh with me and know what I am thinking before I say it. These women strengthen me and love me and my family.

There are these great women in my family. My aunt, who has been there for my family non-stop. She knows the meaning of sisterhood and family. And she can make anyone laugh. My sister, who tells me what I need to hear when I don't want to hear it. Who loves me unconditionally. I love her just the same. We know the unspoken. We are just different versions of each other. My mom, who has the dignity and strength of a thousand great women. Who has taught me so much about respect and acting with dignity. She taught me that yelling doesn't make you strong, that there is such a thing as quiet strength. My mom, my sister and me, forever intertwined. Always on this journey together. I wouldn't want it any other way.

I think a lot about the way women can lift each other up. And although there is so much in society that shows women ripping each other apart and tearing each other down, I don't know anything but women helping one another.

This may all sound smarmy and cheesy, and maybe it is. But I have to express my gratitude some how. And as my wedding approaches I look around and see so much love. And I feel blessed.

Blessed by these great women.


Pam said...

I have been continually amazed by the women in my life. They have lifted me up, supported me, made me laugh, made me cry, listened and loved unconditionally. By the way, you are one of them.

Eliza said...

You are one of those women in my life, too, Katie! Your mom taught you well to be a good friend, to notice others and to stay connected. I love you!