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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Best Phlegm

I have had a cold or some version of a cold since the night before Christmas Eve. That night as I was baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and cleaning I knew a cold was coming on. I kept telling myself it was allergies but I knew better. I awoke Christmas Eve morning with a full blown cold. The thing was, though, that I couldn't be sick. There was no time for it, it was Christmas and I had a half dozen events to go to. So I went to all of them and took my cold along with me. My cold and my Cepacol and my Halls Vitamin C. That was Christmas.

And this is January 17th and my cold and I are still together. A version of it, anyway. I wake up with sore throats in the morning (though it may be allergies) and my phlegm and I are constant companions. It's behind my nose and down my throat. It makes me constantly blow my nose which makes my nose constantly dry.

What's a girl to do? I have heard Mucinex is good but it seems kind of expensive. I bought nose spray but all that is doing is occupying my thoughts of when I get to put that heavenly spray up my nose again. I don't actually think it's eliminating anything. I think it's just giving me a momentary high. Only two to four squirts every 24 hours though.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Until then me and my phlegm will be together. Checking each others color.

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Eliza said...

I have a friend with a major Afrin addiction. It sounds tempting especially in the spring allergies are SO bad.

Have you tried the neti pot? Looks freaky but people rave about it.