Suddenly I See

Thursday, January 5, 2012

In the News

My commentary on a few things in the "news" I have read recently.

Maybe I am crazy also but I just don't think this story about Rick Santorum and his wife is that strange. I think it is an okay way to handle a very difficult situation. I certainly don't think it's crazy and I certainly don't think it should be used to attack someone. And it certainly has nothing to do with how someone would perform as a president. All that being said this is the first thing I have read about Santorum. And I really only read it because I saw on the news that my beloved Duggars support him. I more than likely will not be voting for him. I am waiting until there are two candidates (Obama and whoever else) before I even get involved in the presidential race.

I read that Keri Russell had a baby girl who she named Willa Lou. What a great name! Love it.

And then there was this picture I saw yesterday. I know it's not supposed to be funny. But is there no end to what people will tweet.

And the Bachelor is back. And there is nothing attractive about him. And the women are crazier than ever. And so in love after spending thirty minutes with him. It's all so stupid. So needless to say you know where to find me from 8pm-10pm every Monday night until Ben proposes to the "love of his life".

This concludes my commentary on the news for now. And we must really use the term "news' here loosely.