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Friday, December 30, 2011

Registering (and not just for little plates)

Tonight Rodger and I registered at Macy's (we are also going to register at Target). I have been waiting to do my wedding registry for basically my whole life. To walk around with a bar code scanner in a store of beautiful things? Sign me up (or register me) for that any day.

I have had a picture in my head of what registering would be like and our experience at Macy's didn't start off as glamorous as I had it pictured. First off, we found the laziest guy ever to help us. He made us follow him to find the bridal consultant but found another lady instead and the conversation went down like this:

Lazy Guy: Is the bridal consultant here?
Lady: No, she went home.
Lazy Guy: Who can help them?
Lady: You can, go to the computer and sign them up.
Lazy Guy: No, I have never done that before.
Lady: Yes, you have.
Lazy Guy: No, I haven't.

Lazy Guy: (talking to me), let me give you the bridal consultant's card and you can come back and register.
Me: No one else can help us?
Lazy Guy: No, only her.
Me: Not a single other person knows how to do the bridal registry?
Lazy Guy: No
Me: So we have to come back to register, no one else can help us?
Lazy Guy: Well let me see if I can find someone else. I think I know the person who can help you.

A few minutes later he is dragging some poor woman over to help us. He even pulls out the desk chair to sit her down. The whole time she is shaking her head and saying that she thinks he knows how to do it. As soon as he had her seated he ran away as fast as possible but not until after he suddenly became Mr. Know-It-All and was telling us we can edit things online.

It became quickly evident as to why he didn't want to help us. Apparently the bridal registration computer had been turned off and it takes an act of God and about twenty minutes to fire it up. The thing was archaic. But the woman helping us possessed just the right amount of sarcasm to get us through the lengthy process of starting up their computer.

Once we got down to business, it was all names, addresses, dates, etc. When she asked if I was keeping my maiden name or "moving on" and I laughed, she told us a story about how her mom got a masters from Berkley in the sixties and later got a letter from them telling her that they were changing all the women's degrees back to their maiden names. I thought that was interesting. Good to know feminism is alive and well at Berkeley. As if we had any doubts. I also loved that when she asked me if I wanted to receive coupons from Macy's through email and I said yes she clicked the box so I can't receive them. She really knew her way around a computer. At least she has her sarcasm to get her through life.

Then it was the moment I had been waiting for, she handed over the scanner. It was glorious. We registered for mostly kitchen things and Rodger and I had a lively chat about why I need so many random colorful plates sitting around. All the while I was scanning more colorful plates.

There are a few things on our registry that are a little expensive. And there will be a few more that are a lot expensive if they don't stay on sale. But please know that we did not register for the $100 bath mat. Who has heard of such a thing?

And please know that it is taking everything in me not to add this beauty to our registry.
What a fun little registering experience.

Next up registering at Target. Another dream come true.

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Pam said...

You are too funny. I truly believe you are missing your calling as a writer. Glad the registering was so much fun and so rewarding for you. Can't wait to see all of the colorful plates.