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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Decisions, Descisions

A list of things to do before March 3rd has been made. I felt really good about the list when I made it a couple of weeks ago, it was an accomplishment in itself. Exactly three of about 75 things have been crossed off of the list. This list is on the refrigerator and I think about it every day. I have to say it's starting to stress me out a little bit. There is much more excitement than stress but the stress is beginning to build.

There are just so many decisions to be made and for every decision there are a million choices. Tonight I scoured the web for "Eat, Drink, and Be Married" napkins and can't find just the ones I want. There are all of these choices yet I feel like if I just look a little longer I will find just the ones I want.

Then I started looking online for shoes. And if I had a hard time pinning down a napkin you can imagine that choosing shoes is a lot more overwhelming. Normally I can decide on something, no problem. I picked my dress out on the first day of trying any on and I have pretty much gone with the first vendor we have met for everything. But I am starting to think that the amount of things to be done is making it difficult to decide on anything.

I think I will just focus on a few things at a time. We must decide on a D.J. very very soon. And then we will pick invitations. There are a bazillion invitations to choose from online. I am going to find a handful I like and then Rodger and I will decide.

Here's a question, though, veil or no veil? I am leaning towards no veil and if I do wear one I am thinking a birdcage veil. I really don't think the dress needs a veil and the only reason I want to wear one is because this will be the one time I will get to wear one.

I am closing the laptop now, I have stressed myself into heartburn territory now.

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Pam said...

Just relax, breathe and enjoy the experience. Hopefully we can get the DJ this week, and you seem to have invitations covered. I will be there to help with anything you need, just let me know. Love you.