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Saturday, October 1, 2011

It turns out planning a wedding is work

Like sometimes on Saturday morning you have to get out of bed at 10am so you can go to rental appointments.

Rodger and I went to two party rental places today to discuss such hot-button issues as tables (how many peeps fit at a 60" table?), chairs (I don't get to have the beautiful $8 per chair ones that I want, but I do like the option we chose), linens, arches, tents (please don't let it rain), heat lamps, and a coffee maker (guess we need one of those?).

I am leaning towards the first place even though we don't have the estimate yet because one they seemed more organized and we could see all of our options, and two, and I think most importantly, they had a store kitty. His name is smokey and he kept shooting out under table cloths, and sticking his arm in the middle of the table cloth half way to the floor, and he made himself comfortable right on Rodger's foot.

The second place was good too, and affordable, and came on a friend's recommendation, but there was no cat in the store.

I am just crossing my fingers that the first place comes in with a reasonable price and we can use them.

I mean Smokey has to eat, right?


Pam said...

Is Smokey available for rent? I mean every wedding has to have a cat, right?

vickie said...

You are insane!!!!

Eliza said...

The best part is that the cat has an arm. Now that is a miracle cat.