Suddenly I See

Monday, September 26, 2011

Disneyland Trip Two

Our second of three of our Summer pass trips to Disneyland was in mid-July and my Mom, Vickie, and Paul joined us which made the day (and night) so much fun.

We hit up a lot of the rides, spending a lot of time at California Adventures, had some great food, and just spent a great day together.

Rodger finally had someone to go on "Screamin" with, so he was very happy about that. It's not his fault his fiance is such a wuss. However I was dragged on to "The Tower of Terror" and it was just as awful as the first two times. I don't know what is supposed to fun about an elevator falling and feeling weightless, so SCARY to me as seen in the picture below. Don't mind the girls having fun in front of us, they are delirius from fear.
We went on the new Star Tours ride where I immediately broke out into a cold sweat and was bent over with nausea. What I saw of it looked fun though, the motion sickness, however, was not. There were Storm Troopers walking around the lines and this one snuck up on me a couple of times.We finished off the day by watching "World of Color". Only Rodger and I had seen it before so it was fun watching the others' reactions. It certainly is full of Disney Magic.

Nothing like family and Disneyland.