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Monday, October 10, 2011

Disneyland Trip Three

Our third trip from our Summer passes to Disneyland was on a very hot day. Rodger and I went on a Monday, we were still on vacation and thought it would be less crowded. We were very wrong about that, it was probably more crowded than a weekend day. It was also extremely hot and even though we were at Disneyland I found myself getting a little crabby. Regardless, we did still have a good time.Look I am an action figure.
Love the little girl behind Donald reaching out to him.
Is it was the last trip of our Summer pass we wanted to buy Annual Passes so we put our Summer pass purchase towards that and got Annual Passes, which we are very excited about and have already used many times.

Fantasmic Show is always fantastic.
That concludes this three part Disneyland blog series.
Don't worry though I will post about our other visits we make throughout the rest of our pass.

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