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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Can I Just Say?

Can I just say how wonderful it is to sit in our apartment with central air conditioning and not have to hang out only in the living room because the bedroom is SO hot? I love our new apartment. I barbecued chicken tonight (turned on the propane tank and did the grilling all myself) and now we are just sitting around soaking in the manufactured cool air.

Can I just say how excited I am getting for our wedding? Bridesmaids dresses were chosen and ordered on Saturday. I have the best maid of honor and bridesmaids, such a great and loving group of girls whom I love with all of my heart.

Can I just say how incredibly creepy "American Horror Story" is? Rodger was watching it last night and I had to leave the room. Give me "Law and Order: SVU" any day or night over that show. I am convinced I didn't sleep well because of it. Such a creepy, creepy show. I don't really even know what it is about but it was way too much for me. Also, speaking of "Law and Order: SVU", did you know Elliot Stabler is no longer on the show? I don't care for that decision. But at least we still have Olivia, Munch, Ice-T, and Captain Cragen.

Can I just say how EXCITED I am about my Matt being in town? Dinner tomorrow night, can not wait!!!!! I am so happy for him that he loves New York, I just wish New York didn't have to be on the other side of the country.

Can I just say how EXCITED I am to see Eliza and baby Lars? I am happy that she gets to be with her family and I am happy I get to see her. I am happy she loves Virgina, but again, why does it have to be on the other side of the country?

Can I just say how very, very EXCITED I am for our family trip to Las Vegas for Mom's birthday next month? It will be such a fun celebration.

Can I just say how much I adore my mom's new kitten, Atticus? How could you not?


Pam said...

Such a great post. I am excited for all of those things also. Enjoy your air conditioning and hopefully this is summer's last fling.

Beth said...

aww I love this you are so cute Katie