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Monday, July 11, 2011

My Monday

There was quite the commotion at work today. After I came back from lunch and was back at my desk there was a huge boom and the building shook followed by the power going out and the computer server alarms going off, followed by another boom and shake. My boss went outside and someone had ran their car into an electrical pole. There were wires down and a fire in the brush next to the fence that the car ran into. The power was out for an hour, thankfully it was only an hour because it probably would have gotten pretty hot. Here are two pictures from the lively afternoon.

Then in celebration of "7-11 Day" my Mom and I went and got sodas. We were told that the Big Gulps were going to be $1 today but apparently we were lied to because when we got there they said that it ended at 4pm. So we got bigger sodas instead. God Bless 7-11 on its special day.

Another notable from today, I was reading online that the Beckhams named their daughter Harper Seven. I have always loved the name Harper. As far as Seven goes I wonder if it had anything to do with every one's favorite Seinfeld character, the beloved George Costanza.

Probably not, it's probably something to do with good luck. Kind of a cute name though, I have heard worse. I also like Willow (Pink's baby), Flynn (Orlando Bloom's baby). I even like Aleph (Natalie Portman's baby). Enough about baby names, I really could go on forever.

Hope everyone had a nice Monday.

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Pam said...

I heard the middle name is seven because that was Beckham's number when he played soccer. Don't know if it is true, just saying....