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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Katie and Pam's Big Trip: Day Three

Our third day (Saturday) in Virgina started out by Eliza and family taking us to the Eastern Market on Capitol Hill (or "The Hill" as the cool kids call it). The Eastern Market is a fun street fair and flea market. While up there we were also able to check out Hannah's cute house. After that it was time to say goodbye to the Selanders and Hannah as they dropped us off at our hotel by the Capitol Building. We had such a great time with them and they were great hosts. It was a great couple of days that we got to spend with them. It really is special to have friends that feel like family. Eliza and her whole family have always been so kind and thoughtful of me and my family. I am lucky to count them all as friends. And it's also fun that Eliza lives in such a great place to visit.

The beautiful trees by the Selander's house.

Eastern Market

Eliza, Baby Lars, me, and Hannah

Theo and Ida

After we got to the hotel (which was quite nice) we freshened up and went to meet Matt at the bus stop. It was so great to see him. We were so glad that he made the four hour (each way) bus trip to see us for a couple of days. After a quick Subway lunch we started out to the Newseum. It was also around this time that I realized that I hadn't taken a shower since Wednesday morning. I am not sure what happened there. I guess I was just having so much fun with everyone that I didn't want to miss out while in the shower.

The Newseum was great (and the only museum that we had to pay for on our whole trip). I highly reccomend seeing this. They had so many amazing exhibits. Here are just a few pictures of some of the neat things that we saw. (I am going to do a separate post of just the Newseum because there are so many great things to post about it).

Antenna from one of the Twin Towers

Doors and signs from Hurricane Katrina

The suit OJ Simpson wore when acquitted.

Truck of the car that the DC sniper shot out of.

A piece of the Berlin Wall that we got to touch

After the Newseum we walked over to The White House. It was a little different than the experience I had the first time that I saw it. This time they made you stay behind barricades that were blocking off the whole street in front of The White House. This was probably because there were people on the balcony. I zoomed in as best I could but we couldn't see who was on the balcony. We decided that it was an Obama family BBQ. I was really hoping to see Bo but no such luck. I am still curious as to who was on that balcony.

That night we went to The Capitol Grill and had one of the best meals of my life. I had the steak with aged balsamic. We got creamed corn and scalloped potatoes for our side dishes. And the appetizer was grilled proscuitto. Just simply amazing!! We hope to go back there again.

Our view of the Capitol on the walk back to the hotel.

It was another great day in D.C. I will finish up with Day Four soon.

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