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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Katie and Pam's Big Trip: Day Four

Day four had us up early to get in as many of the sites as we could before our flight later that day.

The three of us trekked over to the Washington Monument. It was cool to see it up close. We had only seen it from a distance before.

The Reflection Pool was drained but we were able to see the World War II Memorial. It was a beautiful memorial and laid out nicely.
We stopped by the post representing Nebraska, where my Grandpa and Great Grandpa were when they enlisted into the war.

It was moving to get to see this memorial and think of my grandpa fighting that war.

Next we went on a search for a place to eat. There really aren't a whole lot of places to eat around "The Mall" so it took us awhile to find something. Matt's Iphone lead us to "Cedar" for brunch. I had the Banana Nut French Toast which was just delightful. It was a great meal even though I spilled water all over the table.

After brunch we went back to the hotel and it was time to say goodbye to Matt so he could make his bus back to New York. It was so great that he was able to come for the night. We all had such a good time together and made some great memories.

Katie A. and her parents were nice enough to pick my Mom and I up at the hotel and take us to the airport. We had time to stop by the Pentagon Memorial. When I was in DC the first time the memorial wasn't finished yet so I didn't see it. I am glad that we were able to see it this time. There is a "wing" for each victim of the Pentagon attack. The wings facing out represent the victims that died in the Pentagon and the wings facing in represent the people that were on the plane. The had a name on each wing to represent the person that perished that day and below the wing was a reflection pool of water.

After that quick stop it was back to Dulles to catch our flight. Flying out was a much different experience than going through security in Long Beach. We both went through the x-ray machine and my Mom got a pat down. Better than the poor sucker in front of us who was going to be stripped searched. We made our flight and it was much smoother going then our flight to DC.

What an amazing and unforgettable time we had. I was so happy to get to go on such a special trip with my Mom and we were lucky to visit with so many loved ones while there.

Till next time DC!

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