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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Toy Chest Full of Fun

I went through my old toy chest (as opposed to my new one) and found some real treasures.

My fifth grade notebook with all my school work in it. And below is when my parents started to realize that I might have OCD. I had to write my name, date, and that little weird looking guy on all of my school papers.

Some of my good high school literature. Breath in, breath out.

My slimmed down collection of Soap Opera Digests.

A fun birthday present from Eliza.

Can you tell I liked soap operas?

Always a good time looking through old things. I even threw some of my old things away or put them in the garage sale pile. Pretty big accomplishment for me, I am the girl with OCD who likes to hold on to everything. (Not quite hoarder status though).

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Eliza said... new star of the year, KATIE!