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Monday, November 15, 2010

Wedding Post One of Many

I am entering the arena of blogging about my (our) upcoming wedding.

There are many things to decide. We have made no decisions. Well that's not entirely true. We have picked the wedding party and made a guest list. I have a cake person. I have colors that I am pretty set on. I (we) want an evening wedding. We have a couple of photographers in mind. And that's about it.

We do not have a date, a venue, a d.j., food, etc, etc. At this point though none of this stresses me out. It all sounds like fun decisions to be made in the future. Mostly I am excited about picking out a dress. I have something in my mind but am unable to find a picture that comes close to what that is. So that should lead to heartache. But there are so many beautiful dresses that I am sure I will be happy with whatever I decide on and if I have to I can always wear this. It's the style for 2011 weddings apparently. (I am speaking of the dress on the right, although the one on the left is pretty special also.)

I am in love with this idea. These are some of the colors I want and it is just so pretty and cool looking.

I saw a really cool picture of a center piece with purple artichokes. I love that.
I think dark purple and green centerpieces are nice.

I hope to get all of these ideas together so that they make sense in a wedding. We are pretty much in the "drawing board" stage of this so I am up for any suggestions.

Also, I saw this picture and if I look half this happy on my wedding day then it will have been a success. It almost makes me tempted to get married on the beach (almost, not going to happen though). And she looks kind of like Vickie, no?

This is so exciting! Hopefully no one gets too tired of hearing about my wedding planning. Is that possible? I always love to hear of other's wedding plans. Doesn't everyone?


Eliza said...

I personally LOVE wedding posts so keep 'em coming...even if it's only for me :) but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

The bottom picture I actually thought was Vickie at first.

Alexandra said...

second that! And I love purple and green centerpieces too!

I am personally always impressed by the wedding dresses by J Crew (um...not that I look at wedding dresses regularly or anything...). And they're always for tall skinny people, which is why I couldn't wear any of them, but you could! Live my dream, Katie!

Pam said...

Now both of my daughters have been in magazine pictures (well, at least people who look like them). I really do love the purple and green flowers.

vickie said...

I think picture looks like an exact blend of you and I.

BUT you know how I feel about the brides taking their wedding dresses in the water... NOT OKAY!

I cannot wait to help you with your wedding, it will be amazing!

Oh and PS - I agree with Alex, but I am partial to the J Crew, since that is where I got my dress.

Katie said...

JCrew has beautiful dresses. Some are very expensive though.

Vickie- Besides the fact that I knew that wasn't you, I know that you would never take your dress any where close to a body of water.

Jenn said...

So excited about wedding posts! Can't wait to see what you end up! This is going to be awesome!

Beth said...

I absolutely love wedding planning, and I can't wait to hear all about your journey! Enjoy every second of being engaged it truly is a special time.

peggy said...

I totally agree with Vickie...that picture looks like pieces of both of you! And furthermore, you know this individual thinks you should go with the Runaway Bride dress (the one that looks like a bell)...simple but very elegant type-thing!