Suddenly I See

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pumped for the Holidays!!!!!

Looking at this picture always puts me in the "Happy Thanksgiving" mood. Such a big boy.

I am getting so excited for the holidays. The cozy weather, holiday smells, yummy food, I love it all. Kicking it really into gear is the fact that KOST started playing Christmas music last week. Bring on Mariah Carey, WAM, and The Transiberian Orchestra, I want to hear it all and I want to hear it all over and over again.

Only two more days and I am off for a four day weekend filled with Rodger, family, food, and laughter. I can't wait.

And a funny picture to get everyone geared up for Christmas.


Pam said...

Gotta love the kitties!

Jenn said...

If you guys feel like stopping by at all, I will be cooking all day Thursday! Love you and happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your family

Beth said...

I love Thanksgiving, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!