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Friday, October 15, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

I guess I haven't been keeping to up to date with the ol' blog lately. Not sure why, I haven't been too busy. Work has been busy lately but when I leave there I really don't do too much. Guess I just haven't really sat down to put my fingers to the keys (you know like "pen to paper").

So to catch you all up here is what has been going on.

-On the hypochondriac front I have been having shooting side pains. This really could be anything I think, I won't get into the thoughts that go through my head on this one. Sometimes the pains are just below my rib cage and sometimes they are on my pelvic bone and then a little below that, all on my right side. I will say that it is getting better. Each day it seems to subside a litte. Maybe I pulled a muscle. And then last night as I was going to bed I was itching my head and found a very sore spot. It hurts to the touch. It's strange because I don't recall hitting my head on anything. My mom suggested that it may be an ingrown hair. Whatever it is it is painful.

-Last weekend my mom, aunt, and I went to Las Vegas to see my cousin, Matt, who was there for work. We had a great time. I think we spent more time shopping at outlets then we did seeing Matt or doing anything in Vegas. It was a fun couple of days with two of my favorite people.

-Rodger and I started to watch "Modern Family", we finished all of season one and have watched the first episode of season two. Such a great show, non-stop laughs, but also very sentimental. I recommend it if you don't already watch.

-Also, on the television front, my fascination with polygamy continues, in the form of "Sister Wives" on TLC. A strange situation those folks have but they do seem like caring, loving people just raising their family. I just can't get enough of polygamy. Don't want to be a part of it but certainly love observing it.

-A family friend offered to do an engagement photo shoot of Rodger and I for free. Very excited about that, not exactly sure what that entails, but as narcissistic as the two of us are I am sure we will love it.

-I still need to get my ring sized down but I just don't want to part with it for the couple of days that it will be away.

-Need to decorate the apartment for fall. It feels kind of funny since I haven't finished unpacking and putting up all of our pictures but that's okay, I love fall so the decorating must be done.

-Rodger gave me his old IPhone and I have been having fun playing "Words with Friends", just what I needed another time waster. But nothing wring with sharpening my spelling skills.

I think we are all caught up.


Pam said...

Funny, I spent last weekend with two of my favorite people!

peggy said...

Is your engagement picture going to be like Chandler and Monica's???