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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hawaii Days Ten, Eleven, and Twelve: Maui

Sorry I haven't blogged about the last few days of our vacation. Mostly I haven't because we haven't been doing too much, just relaxing and enjoying the last days of our trip. This is all to explain that I really only have pictures from the one day (Sunday) but here is a rundown of what we did anyway.

Day Ten-

Mostly just hung around the hotel here and went to the beach in front of the hotel. We walked around Front Street and had dinner. It was a very low key day, very relaxing (with a nap or two).

Day Eleven-

The below pictures are all from Sunday when we went to Iao Valley and two beaches in the Kihei/Wailea area.

The Iao Valley was beautiful and so green. There were a few low key hikes to take and streams to walk around. It reminded me of Jurassic Park with all the green mountains. It was really nice to come here.

These are pictures from the beach. It was a nice day, although one beach was very windy and sadly we lost Rodger's hat, and by me I mean I lost it. We went back this morning to look for it but didn't find it, but did find the shorts that I left behind. These pictures are of Big Beach.

Day Twelve-

We went to Napili Beach and snorkeled. We forgot to take the camera out of the car so I don't have any pictures but we did go there last year and it is wear we saw two turtles. We didn't see any turtles today though. The waves were fun though. They were a little stronger than at some of the other beaches here so we got to play in them a little.

Later today we bought rafts and floated around the beach in front of our hotel, very fun. We are bummed that we didn't get them earlier because it was a lot of fun to float in them and the waves would push you up to the shore.

So that's it. We fly home tomorrow afternoon. We had a great time. We love you Hawaii thanks for providing us with a great vacation location.

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