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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hawaii Day Three: Oahu

We started off today at Diamond Head. You park and then hike up a trail and stairs to the top so that you can see into the crater that was left behind by a volcano. Also, at the top there are beautiful views of the ocean and Oahu.

We took these three pictures below at the lower point of the mountain because when we first drove up to the entrance to park they told us to come back later because there was an emergency. We saw fire trucks and and ambulance had driven down as we drove up but not sure what had happened. So while we waited we drove down to the lower part and took these pictures. Not a bad view to look at while killing time.

Rodger at the start of the hike.

It was a strenuous hike, for me anyway. But we made it to the top and every time I felt like stopping on the way up I would see someone coming down the trail that was wearing heels, flip flops, a dress, or a pantsuit, and thought if they can do this than so can I.

The views from the top were amazing and totally worth the hike. And actually the hike itself was fun for the most part, except the part where there were spiral stairs inside the mountain that were small and steep, that was just scary.

A very steep staircase to the top, but once you climb it you are almost there.

The below pictures are views from the top of the mountain looking down. Worth it right?

This is the staircase looking downwards. Some little girl about 20 or 30 steps ahead of us fell down the stairs. We didn't see it but heard the commotions. Poor little thing. I don't know that I would take kids up there but people were doing it, even carrying little babies. Guess they are a lot braver than I am.

After Diamond Head we drove further south on Oahu and found a beach called "Sandy Park Beach". We hung out there for a while, the waves were pretty big so we mostly lay ed out in the sun. The below pictures are of the rockier parts of the beach. We walked a little furher to where there was less rocks.
The water was much calmer at Lanikai yesterday. We are hoping to go back there before we fly to Maui on Tuesday.

Tonight we walked around Waikiki again and ate at an Italian restaurant and then went to "Da Big Kahuna" bar and had this fish bowl. So if any of this blog post is incoherent I am blaming it on the fishbowl.

Tomorrow we are going to the Dole Plantation and the North Shore.

Goodnight from Oahu!


Pam said...

Diamond Head is beautiful. Proud of you that you went the whole way, unlike me who pooped out on the way to the top of the falls. What the heck is in a drink called the fishbowl? Can't wait for today's blog.

vickie said...

Is that the Fish Bowl from that Drew Barrymore movie with Adam Sandler? I love me a good fishbowl, mostly sugar but still...

Looks like you are having a GREAT time!

peggy said...

Okay, this is definitely one place I will not be putting on my Bucket List! I'll just have to take your word for it!