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Monday, September 6, 2010

Hawaii Day Four: Oahu

This morning we drove up to the Dole Plantation, where they grow pineapple. They have a maze there that you have to go around and get eight different shapes to draw on a card. The record time that someone has finished in is eight minutes, it took Rodger and me about forty-five minutes but we did finish it.

Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with some pineapple treats. They gave out free pineapple slices and I bought a pineapple smoothie and Rodger had pineapple soft-serve.

This is the a couple of the pineapples that they had growing in their garden. They showed the pineapples at all different stages of growth, these were the biggest ones, so large that they were laying on the ground. If you wanted you could take a train ride around the plantation to see all of the pineapples they have growing on their acreage.

After we left the Dole Plantation we continued driving North and stopped for lunch in Haleiwa. They have a lot of "shrimp trucks" in this city and we ate at the one pictured below. Rodger had shrimp and I had short ribs. It was the best food we have had in Hawaii so far and they were the best short ribs that I have ever had. So good and they were made inside this truck!

We went to a beach in Haleiwa. There was a ton of traffic getting to the North Shore beaches but we ended up finding a parking space across the street from a beach and we lucked out that the beach we ended up at had about seven sea turtles swimming on the shore. I will never get over how cool these creatures look. We stood there and watched them forever. They would just wash up with the waves, eat a little, then go back with the water, and then wash up again. This would have been a great beach to snorkel at but we haven't rented any snorkel gear. The water was hard to get into because of some of the rocks and then it dropped off a bit and was slippery because of all the algae but I did get in for a few minutes.

After the beach we drove back into the town area of Haleiwa and got shaved ice and the famous Matsumoto General Store. It really was so yummy and lived up to the hype.

Those were our activities for today.

We don't have much planned for tomorrow, probably go to Aloha Towers Marketplace which isn't too far from our hotel, and then go to the beach down the way from our hotel.

Goodnight and Mahalo for reading!!!!!

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Pam said...

Yummy! Seems like you are seeing all of the sights. You will be ready for some relaxation in Maui. Waiting for the next update.