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Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Is that a bong?" -Peggy

Last Saturday we had a garage sale at my Aunt Peggy's house. It was pretty good size. My mom, Peggy, Matt, Vickie, and I were all selling stuff.

These were some of the pictures we got. People at yard sales are so funny. I mean I am selling crap that I held on to for way too long and other people actually want it. How great is that? But honestly some of the stuff people bought was just too funny. For example this guy who bought a huge box of hangers and couldn't quite get them in his car.

Or this guy who walked around with this "Super Soaker" for a half hour before he decided to buy it.

I was a bit under the weather still so I took a break for a little "snoozer".

Some highlights of the morning:

-When the first person came to the sale Matt yelling out "Everyone act professional!".
-One lady looking at a bag of small hardware parts and asking if there had been a fire at the house recently. Apparently my cousin Justin just likes to strap fireworks to things and set them on fire.
-Matt haggling with a woman about buying a wallet and saying, "No, it's five dollars, it's 'Coach'!".

-Peggy's neighbor coming out of her house looking at all of our stuff in the driveway and asking "are you having a garage sale?".
-And, of course, towards the end of the morning when an old man (who looked just like the man from "Up") drove up next to the yard and said he couldn't get out of the car so he had my mom running around holding up different things that he might want to buy. We all laughed so hard.

It was a fun morning spent with four of my favorite people and a nice way to bond a bit before Matt left for New York.

Oh yeah, and we spent some of the morning sitting under this avocado tree. Spectacular.

I only made like $15.00 but everyone else made a lot more. I really didn't care though. I have a feeling that this will be a morning we all look back fondly on for years to come. And that's worth more than anything.

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Peggy said...

I think you did an excellent job capturing the essence! The best quote for me is "Everyone act professional!" Makes me miss Matt, but so happy for the memory!