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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Is schlep a word? And I am spelling it right?

The following is to catch you all up on my life. (this shouldn't take long).

My apartment is officially hot, the foil went up. It's summer and we're melting but that foil helps. (a lot). When I was walking down the street back home I could spot the foil from about a block away. The neighbors probably think we are running a meth lab in here. On that note, though, there is a two bedroom opening up in the building and we are really hoping we get it. It seems like it will work out but it's not a done deal yet. I am really hoping it works out because it is only about 100 feet from the current apt. If it doesn't work out then we will have to look somewhere else (which we have already been doing and it's been challenging to say the least. Property owners have quite the aversion to animals unless you want to double the deposit, which I don't). On top of that we will have to get the fridge down two flights of stairs, not mention all of my other crap that I would have to move also. It would be just so much easier to schlep everything the 100 feet. So, fingers crossed.

Next week I am getting my hair colored. Super excited about that. My hair needs work. I get three things done at the salon. Color, cut, and eyebrow wax, and usually these three things all are done at different times. But every once in a while it all happens at once and I there is a trifecta of salon needs. I only have an appointment for the weave but I am going to see if I can convince Dominique to do all three at once or at least the color and cut. If she had seen my hair this morning when I left for work she would agree in a second. Can you say HOT MESS?

Vickie finally stayed out of the big D long enough so that we can go see "Sex and the City 2" tomorrow night. Really looking forward to that. Not sure why the ladies are in the desert but I am ready to find out. And I hear Katie A is flying out to see it with us so good times. ;)

And as if things weren't already good enough it's a three day weekend. So excited for the 4th festivities.

Now you are caught up. Told you it wouldn't take long.

Oh andto complete the post, a picture of my Sushi basking in the sunlight.

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