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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Record of Sorts

Yesterday I went to the dentist to see the Endodonist for a Root Canal. I had to see the specialist because it was a more complicated root canal (not sure why). The Endodonist gave me four injections of Novocaine and I could still feel what the doctor described as pressure. After I told her that it was actually pain she gave me a few more injections of Novocaine and went to work. After she gave me the shots I started to have this weird feeling. It was kind of a lightheadeness and a chill over my whole body.

One of the only enjoyable parts about the dentist (besides the movies you get to watch there. I have seen "The Blind Side" on three different visits there, which is fine because every time I see it I love it more) is listening to the dentist and the assistant's conversation. This particular endodonist is from Iran so she always has something interesting to say about her family. This time though the assistant was telling the dentist how she is afraid of needles because when she was growing up in another country she had measles and had to be given injections three times a day. And then in her twenties she had to take antibiotic shots. The whole time she is talking about this I am thinking "this woman has her hand in my mouth and is hovering over my face". So gross. This made me feel even more dizzy.

Once the root canal was finished I went home and had chills all night. This morning I woke up and felt even worse. I went to work anyway but couldn't stay long. I felt so feverish and couldn't stop shaking. I came home and tried to get warm and called the dentist to see if I could have been having a bad reaction to the Novocaine. They said no but that sometimes the body just reacts to the shock of the shots and the procedure and has to recover. They gave me a prescription for antibiotics.

I am feeling better now. Still achy and have some chills but don't feel shaky and feverish. Such a strange experience. I have never reacted to a root canal like this before and hope it doesn't happen again.

Because I am sure there are more root canals in my future. The Endodonist said that she had never seen a person that has had so many root canals. Thank you, thank you, no applause. You're far too kind.

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