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Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Faves

My favorite looks from last night's award show.

I will be honest, I am partial, SJP can do no wrong for me.

It's a bit much but so are the Oscars. I really love the color and the design.

I think this dress is just cool. I could never pull it off but she makes it look great.

Love this whole dress. Everything about it.

Hands down though this is my favorite fashion statement of the night. (Him, not her, although her dress is very nice.)

Good God, I love him. He too can do no wrong in my book.

Favorite moments of the broadcast (the parts I watched anyway) were the John Hughs tribute and Sandra Bullock's acceptance speech. I tear up every time I see the clip of her talking about her mom (and not letting her ride in cars with boys until she was 18) and how that lead her to her husband and then they pan to him crying. Very sweet. I also love that Christoph Waltz won for Best Supporting Actor in "Inglorious Bastards". His performance was unbelievable.

That wraps up another Academy Awards. I actually saw three movies with nominations or nominated performances which is about two or three more than I usually see. Last year I believe the only movie I saw that was nominated was "Tropic Thunder" (Robert Downey Jr was nominated). I did better this year I saw "Up", "Avatar", and "Inglorious Bastards", all of which were better than Tropic Thunder. But Robert Downey was playing "a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude" so I had to watch it. I love him. By the way, why wasn't he nominated for "Sherlock Holmes"?

I vow to at least see four 2011 Oscar contenders.


Peggy said...

Totally with you on the Robert Downey, Jr. thing. First it's Bono and then him. I think that black dress (is it worn by Shawn something?) would be a beautiful bridesmaid dress. I think black is so elegant for a wedding.

Katie said...

I love black for a wedding. Black and dark purple are nice together I think.