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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dwellings during my formative years

My mom and I stopped by my grandparents house this morning in Alhambra. On the way home there was a situation with an old man and a loose dog that got us off course a bit so we decided to drive by our old house. This house is the house that I grew up in until I was four or five (Mom??).

My memories of living here are somewhat scattered. I remember playing outside with my sister and sleeping in the bunk beds in the room that the two of us shared. I remember seeing my mom wash the windows. I remember that I thought the kitchen was really big. Not sure if that's true or if I was just small. Much like when we went back today I was surprised that the driveway looked so small. Guess it's me that has changed size. I also remember celebrating a birthday there where I was really excited to get a navy blue sweater vest because Vickie had a similar one. And then there was the very traumatic snapping pajamas incident. I remember throwing a fit because I wanted a nightgown like Vickie's and I got snapping Care Bear pajamas instead and I threw them away. A few years after that I recalled the event and started crying uncontrollably because I thought that it had hurt my mom's feelings. I still get teased about it and don't know if my parents actually remember the event or just remember my recollection of it. Either way I am in therapy so don't worry about me. I am sorting it all out. ;)

Besides that event also remember seeing my parents cook dinner together and I remember coming home one Christmas Eve from my grandparents house and my parents taking us over to see Santa next door.

It was a nice trip down memory lane today.

I would love to hear other memories that my mom and Vickie have of living in hear. (I would say my dad also but I know he doesn't read this.


vickie said...

I loved that house as well. I remember the blue room and the bunk beds and I remember when we moved out there was a wall of snot that I had wiped all my boogers on... Dad loved that! I also remember birthday parties there and getting a Kodak Flash Camera for one of them. I still remember the day that Dad fell and everyone we knew came over to help out and I was watching from the bedroom and my crib. So strange that I remember that but sometimes forget yesterday.

Peggy said...

You're right...the kitchen was really big for such a little house!

Pam said...

Dad didn't fall, he fainted. And you are right, everyone did help out. I remember making baby bottles in that kitchen. Dad would pour in the formula and I would put in the hot water. This was a nighly ritual after doing dishes. I also remember one early morning waking up and thinking it was odd that Vickie was sleeping so late (she was about two months old). I got up and went into her room and finding your Dad sitting in a chair holding her and reading the newspaper. There were a lot of good memories there, both of my babies came to home to that house.

Eliza said...

I love that story about Greg getting up with baby Vickie.

Also, I love all these stories. Especially Katie throwing away her PJs and then feeling so guilty a few years later. Cute stories...and it's funny how memories are. In many ways I am so sick of where we are living now. I can't picture us living here for that much longer because it is just too small. But I know someday I will look back and say, awww, I brought my babies home to that house.